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The children's tablet for inquisitive minds


Through a simple, clean design children can create original artwork, take photos, explore the world, read, and play. Parents and teachers manage a password-protected environment and easily select and monitor shared content.

Browser Free

Children are protected and safe from inappropriate content found on the internet.

Parent & Teacher Selected Content

Find thousands of books, activities and games suitable for children ages 3-10.

Parent Managed Friends List

Manage the contact list and any communications to and from Fable with our secure Fable Friends List environment on VizitMe.

Password Protected Shopping

You have complete control of all charges made to your credit card with a simple four digit pin code, created by you.


VizitMe is the only digital content store built exclusively for kids. It offers the best children’s titles from world-renowned publishers, app developers, and popular authors. Parents can rely on a handpicked selection of reviewed and approved content, completely free of in-app purchases and advertising.


Children can share projects and photos in their own private social community, fully managed and monitored by parents and teachers. Whether a child is sharing math homework with a teacher or sending grandma a drawing for her birthday, Fable allows communication with only those friends and family you designate.


Fable features a custom drawing app and enables children to share puzzles, coloring books, and projects with friends, family, teachers, and classmates. Plus, games, books, videos, and helpful utilities like a calculator and alarm clock keep kids engaged.


Fable was built to withstand the inevitable wear and tear from kids.

Rear Facing Camera

Capture fun and memorable moments with Fable's 3MP camera.


Stay connected to friends and family and instantly download content while you’re on the go.

Custom User Interface

Fable's innovative UI was designed to easily engage users of any age.


Each Fable tablet can be tailored to a child’s unique interests and abilities, making it the perfect device for children at home, in school or on the go. Empower your child to explore safely and securely on the only affordable tablet designed exclusively for children.