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Introducing Fable, a browser-free tablet designed exclusively for children ages 3-10. Fable gives children the freedom to explore, learn, play, create, and share, safely and securely. Choosing from an incredible collection of handpicked books, apps, games, videos, and projects, you place a world of discovery right at their fingertips. Made in the USA!

WiFi connectivity and browser-free

Fable uses a WiFi connection to receive all the great content you choose for your child to enjoy. Manage and monitor your child’s Fable online from your secure VizitMe account. Browser-free, Fable operates in a closed environment, preventing any accidental access to inappropriate material.

Simple and intuitive navigation

The carousel navigation is intuitive and fun! Content is organized and easily accessible, letting your child explore, learn and play on a tablet all their own.

Store built exclusively for young children

Browse the store online or right on Fable to find an incredible collection of curated books, apps, games, videos, and projects to nurture your child’s sense of wonder. No subscription needed.

Share with friends, family, and classmates!

Children can create and share artwork, projects, and photos in their own private social network fully managed and monitored by you. Whether showing off math facts to Dad or sending Grandma a drawing for her birthday, sharing with Fable is always safe and secure.