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  • Getting Started

    How do I get started?

    Your Fable is ready-to-play right out of the box! For a truly interactive experience, you will need to create a secure account at Go to the Login page and Create an Account using a valid email address and a password of your choice. Complete all fields to create your account, including a 4-digit PIN and credit card information, so you can purchase content easily at any time. You will receive an email verification that your account was successfully created.

    How do I connect Fable to my VizitMe account?

    To activate your child’s Fable, you will need your VizitMe account email and password. Turn on Fable, select a WiFi connection and Sign In with your VizitMe account email address and password. Select a unique name for Fable. This name is what you will provide to designated friends, family, classmates, and teachers with whom you permit your child to share photos and projects. You will only need to activate Fable once.

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  • Managing Your Account

    What is VizitMe?

    Vizitme is your destination for customizing, managing, and monitoring your child’s learning and sharing experience on Fable. With access to our proprietary, cloud-based content marketplace for children you can select and purchase age-appropriate books, games, apps, videos and projects that excite and engage your child. There is no advertising, in-app purchases, or links to the Internet on any content, so you can browse and shop worry-free.

    Do I need individual VizitMe accounts for each child’s Fable in my family?

    You may add as many Fables to a single VizitMe account as you wish. You will assign a unique user name to activate each Fable. The user name for each Fable will appear in your VizitMe account where you managed and monitored content and activity.

    How do I add content to my Wishlist?

    Go to VizitMe on your Fable or online at Select a book, app, game, video or project from the Store and click Add to Wishlist. You must be logged into your VizitMe account to add content.

    How do I review content on my Wishlist?

    You can only review and purchase from your Wishlist when you log in to your VizitMe account online.

    How do I add content to Fable?

    Purchased content is always viewable in your VizitMe account you can add content by signing in on your Fable and select the content you have purchased. WiFi connectivity is necessary to successfully add content to Fable.

    How do I manage content on Fable?

    You can add and delete content to your child’s Fable at any time. When you delete content on Fable, your purchases will remain available in your VizitMe account and can be reloaded on Fable whenever you wish. The content you purchase can be enjoyed on up to 5 Fables.

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  • Making Purchases

    Why do I need a 4-digit PIN?

    Your PIN is your unique number used to securely purchase content from the VizitMe Store on your Fable or at Do not share your PIN with anyone.

    Do you store my credit card data?

    We do not store or maintain your credit card data. We contract with Braintree, owned by PayPal, for secure payment processing.

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  • Sharing with Friends

    How do I add friends, family, and classmates to Fable so my child can share?

    You manage and monitor with whom your child shares photos, drawings, puzzles, and custom projects. A Fable can share with another Fable or to any individual with a valid email address that you approve. To share, you will need to request the unique Fable name of the friend, family member, classmate or teacher that you wish to add to your child’s Fable. Login to your VizitMe account and add as many people with whom you permit your child to share. These names will appear in the Friends icon on Fable, making it easy for your child to select the individual at any time. WI-FI connectivity is necessary for sharing.

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  • Caring for Fable

    What is the best way to care for Fable?

    Fable was designed to be durable and protect from the inevitable juice spills. In the event the tablet gets wet, unplug and turn the device off, and use a soft, lint-free dry cloth to clean the tablet and display. Do not use cleaners, alcohol, or abrasives to clean the tablet.

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  • Returns and Exchanges

    Please contact Customer Support for all Fable returns and exchanges purchased directly from or one of our retail partners at: 866.587.0992 or email us at

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