Interested in a Fable Pilot?

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"The Fables made learning more engaging. I found it easier to complete our STEM unit with Fable instead of using paper and the kids found it more fun. I was able to see what each student was doing on each device which made formal and informal assessment a breeze. I also logged on at home to see what my students did each day. My class attendance was higher and more consistent than the other classes during our summer enrichment program as a result of having Fable tablets in my classroom. I would highly recommend a Fable pilot."

~Furnell McGrath, Everett Public Schools

"Fable is unique because the focus is learning. I was really excited about the team over at Isabella and saw a real possibility. There's been a great deal of study of what tablets can do to help accelerate young people's learning."

~Tito Jackson, Boston City Counselor

"Head Start is an important part of the community, and the Fable pilot program helps us provide a unique educational technology experience for our children."

~Keather Reichel, Educational Coordinator of QCAP

We have designed the Fable tablet to be a powerful and affordable tool through which teachers, parents, and students can collaborate.

Isabella Products runs pilots in preschool and elementary educational settings. A Fable pilot includes:

  • Use of up to 15 Fable tablets
  • Flexible duration from 2 weeks to 2 months
  • Consultation with Isabella Products team to align curriculum goals with digital content
  • Access to free preloaded content to support classroom objectives
  • Access to thousands of additional games, e-books, and videos
  • Administrative login and multiple device management
  • In-person teacher training
  • Ongoing technical support

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